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Practice Server

Pushing the boundaries with premium remote production and tournament administration

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Practice Server

Our goal is to deliver a premium and immersive event experience. We are a grassroots, community-first organization that has been pushing the boundaries with remote production and tournament administration. Look to us as a white-label or forward-facing brand solution to help amplify your event.

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With the help of our discords, in-house shows, and events we have been able to surpass over 200k followers across our social media platform!



Practice Server is best known for what we started off as. A place for competitive players to compete, scrimmage, and connect.

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What we do

Exceptional. Reliable. Unbeatable.

In order to meet every expectation our team specializes in multiple facets, and we can work as closely alongside your team as needed.

Event Coordination

Timing is everything. We work together to string together every deliverable, and we aim to do it perfectly. You can trust us with your project and brand.

Event Production

The Practice Server's staff and personal reach boast a following of its own, but in the event that you need more we can help streamline and secure that extra push that'll bring in the awareness you seek.

Influencer Marketing

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Provide us your vision


Organize your event


Connect with administrators and producers


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