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Top 5 Players to look out for at FNCS Invitationals

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Epic Games has announced their biggest LAN event since the World Cup. The FNCS Invitational will take place on November 12th and 13th in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Viewers can purchase tickets only to support their favorite team and to see the action live.

Players could qualify for this event by performing exceptionally well in the past three seasons FNCS’s.

As of August 25th, we have 92/100 players in the lobby. The remaining four teams are unknown and will be personally selected by Epic based on unknown criteria.

In terms of the caliber of players that are attending the FNCS Invitational, we have the best contenders over all the regions competing to be the next LAN Champion.

Credit: @BoopNL

MrSavage and BadSniper were a part of the first wave of invitations. It wouldn’t be an LAN event if MrSavage wasn’t there to completely blow our minds with some 200 IQ outplays.

Invitations started being sent out for back-ups. These players will not be participating directly in the tournament but will be in attendance. If something unfortunate happens to some of the players, then the back-ups will fill their position.

Inviting back-ups is a proactive approach to ensuring this tournament runs as smoothly as possible. It shows the amount of hard work Epic is putting into this tournament.

Chapter 3 Season 4 start date was leaked by Hypex to be starting on September 12th or 13th.

This leaves plenty of time for teams to adjust to the new season and all the unique features that go along with each season.

Now, let’s dive into the best part, which will be the Top 5 teams. Without knowing the exact meta, we can only base our predictions on recent and LAN placements of the teams attending.

The 1st place team needs to be a team that is used to competing on LAN events and always performs the best at big events. They also need to be respected enough in the global community to get an unconned spot on the Chapter 3 Season 4 map.

With these conditions in mind, only two teams came to my attention that both have LAN experience and the notoriety to claim an unconned location.

Tayson & Chapix and Bugha & Mero. Tayson is arguably one of the best solo players in the world and has performed very well throughout his career. He placed 6th in the Saudi Arabia Fortnite LAN and has been a dominating name in the EU region over the past several seasons.

Bugha & Mero are a notoriously consistent team. Bugha won the World Cup and has won multiple FNCS’s with Mero. Mero’s statistics are also impressive, placing 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 4th, 4th, 2nd + 2 DH wins.

I’ll have to give the edge to Bugha & Mero, with their large amount of LAN experience on the biggest stage ever. In addition, in the most recent FNCS Bugha & Mero placed 2nd in FNCS on NAE without utilizing the Grapple Gloves. They’ve been consistently unconned in FNCS’s and no matter the meta have performed to the utmost highest level of competitive Fortnite.

Then, in the 2nd place position, I’d have to put Tayson & Chapix. I think they will perform well and maybe even take the 1st place position if they claim an unconned position.

In Chapter 3 Season 3, Tayson & Chapix were contested during their FNCS Grand finals which greatly affected their performance. If they can claim a POI and get it 100% uncontested, then they have a chance of bringing home the trophy.

In the 3rd place position, I’d place Veno & Queasy. Veno & Queasy are known for their height domination and the teams that are on height often are the ones that win the game.

Veno is known as one of the best players on EU and has the placements to prove it. In the most recent FNCS, Veno & Queasy placed 3rd.

In 4th place, I’d have to put Kami & Setty; this team is known for creating the best mid-map split in every season. This is usually called the Kami Split and is always uncontested. They can adapt extremely quickly to the meta and figure out strategies to win.

In 5th place, I am placing Epikwhale & Reet from the NAW region. Epikwhale has proved himself to the global community as being a player to not mess with. Placing 1st with Malibuca in the most recent Saudi Arabia Gamers8 LAN Event.

To recap my prediction of the Top 5 players to look out for at the FNCS Invitational:

  1. Bugha & Mero

  2. Tayson & Chapix

  3. Veno & Queasy

  4. Kami & Setty

  5. Epikwhale & Reet

In conclusion, the FNCS Invitational is going to be one of the most exciting tournaments hosted by Epic since the World Cup. I will be cheering on my Top 5 predictions, who do you have placing in the Top 5?



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