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Event Coordination

In order to meet your every expectation our team specializes in event coordination. We can even work as closely alongside your team as needed.

Event Production

Timing is everything. We work together to piece together every deliverable , and we aim to do it perfectly. You can trust us to complete your event from start to finish.

Influencer/ Discord Marketing

The Practice Server’s reach is now over 750,000! Connect with our users or our network of large creators today.

Observation Services

Our skilled set of observers are hand selected on a per-event basis. We work with talent endemic to the title we’re producing on.

Talent Acquisition

With our ear to the competitive landscape we can secure and acquire the best talent our industry has to offer.

In-House Graphics

The Practice Server prides itself in being able to deliver 360 coverage and completion of your event, this includes any video and graphic component needed to bring your show to life.

Project Management

Prepare schedule and help execute any all requested deliverables, this includes aligning our progress with your team to keep you caught up along the way.

Creative Maps / Consultation

Building experiences is our bread and butter, if you're looking to build a new world in UEFN you're in the right spot. We also lend our services to stress testing your private islands.

Event Operations

This where our experience comes into play. We’ve done the hard work of preparing everything – now allow us to weave it all together on the big stage.

Post Production Media

Building out a memorable moment is only the beginning. A show is truly complete when you can walk away with clips, videos and highlights to share.

Prize Distribution

We get it, dealing with payouts is no fun. Our trusted team of administrators can take that burden off of your shoulders. We’ll reach and out and secure all info needed to safely distribute prizing.


Your One Stop Shop.

Our goal is to deliver premium and immersive event experiences. 

We also are industry leaders with our ability to market across our Discord and influencers networks.


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